My Making

The process of my collage’s creation is unique, combining my love of printmaking with clean collage cut by hand in my Bristol studio.

Whilst printmaking at Winchester School of Art, I realised I loved the pure colours and textures produced when pressing a piece of paper down onto rolled out ink and then peeling it back up; leaving some of the ink on the piece of paper in my hand.

It’s simple, but it produces beautiful block coloured pieces of paper, and I fall in love with the messy unpredictable making process each and every time.

I have folders full of coloured textured papers, that have been created in this way, that I cut up and use to make my illustrations. 

I transfer my paper collages to the computer by scanning them in. Any final adjustments can then be made using Photoshop and I often experiment layering up different sections and shapes, finding my favourite composition.

My making process starts by hand, giving me complete creative control, and ends digitally, giving me complete flexibility as to which product my new illustration may become. 

Once my designs are complete, they are printed as a small range of products. My Greetings Cards, Art Prints and Coasters are printed through reliable printers in the UK, and are vibrant, full of life and of excellent quality.

These colourful products are then sold to customers across the world through Online Retailers, UK based Shops and at Trade Shows & Craft Fairs in the South West.